From the recording A Better Day EP 2014

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The Last Goodbye
It’s funny how your life can come and make that fool of you,
So many times it happens as you walk on down the road.
Looking back to yesterday, the writings on the wall,
The letter on the table said she’s leaving now, so don’t look back…

Goodbye, this is the last goodbye
Goodbye, I’m walking out the door
I ain’t coming round no more.

Strangers in a movie scene, could be me or you
Leaving her to fight a war in a land so far away.
Look into each other’s eyes, and tears begin to fall
This could be the last embrace, the song that never ends.


Oh oh, we’ve all got somebody we can lose
Oh oh oh oh, yeah me and you…

Is this the last time, that last kiss at the door?
Your heart is beaten broken, and lies shattered on the floor.
I guess you had it coming, but you didn’t see the sign
Keep walking on down that road, the road you walk alone…


©jamieportermusic 2013