From the recording A Better Day EP 2014

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A Better Day
Turn on the tv, there’s a man there telling me
There isn’t any money left to spend anymore.
I don’t know how he knows it, ‘cos it’s not that new to me
I never had that much anyway.

I tried for you, yes I try for you, I tried for you, for you.
I tried for you, I try for you, yes I try for you, for you.

A better day is what I’m trying to find,
Is what I’m trying to give to you.
A better way is what I’m looking to find,
Is what I’m wanting to give to you.

Look out the window, there’s a man on the corner
Says there isn’t any point going on anymore.
Well I don’t know why he does it, it’s just old news to me
Never hurt that much anyway.

I’ll try for you, try for you, yes I’ll try for you, for you.
I’ll try for you, cry for you, yes I’ll cry for you, for you.

Chorus x2

©jamieportermusic 2013